Hong Kong is not only an ideal country to live in but also a great place to earn a high-standard living. How does it really benefit you when working in Hong Kong? These are primary reasons:

Unsurpassed location
Located at the geographical and economical center of Asia, Hong Kong is a promised land for entrepreneurs. Its strategic location offers fast and easy travel to all the key markets in Asia. As a gateway between the East and the West, Hong Kong makes itself an attractive place for regional operations.
Beautiful sunset sky in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong International Airport is voted as one of the best airports in the world, it takes a maximum of four hours to reach most countries in Asia. There are approximately 1000 flights operated on a 24-hour basis between Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

Rule of law
Different from Mainland China, Hong Kong's legal system is strongly influenced by English common law. Justice is administered by unbiased judges. Government and all government officers are unable to influence judicial decision-making processes, and the judiciary is independent of the legislature and the executive. Cases are bilingual: English and Chinese.
High degree of economic freedom
With the impressive growth of trade and services, Hong Kong becomes one of the freest and most active economies in the process of globalization, which enhances its foreign direct investment attraction.
Hong Kong’s low taxation, almost free port trade and international financial market makes it one of the world’s important international financial centers. Hong Kong dollar is legally issued by three major worldwide commercial banks, and its rate is fixed to the US Dollar.
International lifestyle
Hong Kong Street

Thanks to its low taxation and high standard of living, Hong Kong attracts hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. It is known as a dynamic and cosmopolitan city with a huge community of expats, a shopper's paradise made of lavish restaurants and splendid night-life. Though it’s still very much a Cantonese city, it has Western and Eastern culture shoved side by side. Hong Kong’s multicultural lifestyle makes for its charm.
Safety and security
Violent crime should not be a large concern in Hong Kong. The city has effective and well trained police force with the highest proportion of police to citizens, which ensures a high level of safety for its people, including expats. Most Hong Kong’s frequent crime includes thefts, criminal damage and deception; all of them are non-violent offences and are decreasing due to government’s policies. Overall crime rate in Hong Kong remains quite low, and there is no need for expats to avoid any particular areas in this unique city.
If you are looking for a career move abroad, Hong Kong is definitely worth your consideration. This hub city will bring you a lot of interesting experience in both your life and your career.
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