As more and more people start to look for a job overseas, we decided to investigate on the motivations behind this tendency. Based on survey results, here are the top 4 key benefits of working abroad.

Advance your career path
In emerging markets, e.g. Indonesia, Malaysia, there is a high demand for talents and the need for strong management skills in various industries. Finding a job abroad can open great opportunities for competent employees to take on senior positions, whereas their skills could be considered as not qualified enough in their home countries. Moreover, working in an international environment can bring talented employees more challenges and professional opportunities in a shorter period of time. Such experiences can quickly advance individuals for high-level job, which would have taken them many years to work up to in their home countries.

As the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, having experience overseas is considered as a valuable asset enhancing opportunity to expand career perspectives. Besides these facts, developing a global network with individuals in all fields on an international level is essential.

Higher pay packages

Usually, the salary offered to professional foreign managers is higher than a local one. This creates an additional motivation for experts looking for a job overseas. Especially, high-paying jobs found in a country of low living costs, e.g. South East Asia, seems to be very appealing to many employees who want to experience new challenges and cultures while improving their financial situation. For expatriate desiring to move their family to another country, some prospective companies can provide very attractive benefits, which include housing, transportation, and schooling allowance into their salary packages.

Expanding your skills set
Living and working in foreign countries is an ideal chance to acquire new language skills. The ability to speak more than one language not only supports someone’s job, but it is also useful in various aspects of life.

In addition, an article from Harvard Business Review (September, 2010) suggests that expatriate programs are good for developing managers. As living and working in another culture develops aptitude for looking at systems and problems from new and different perspectives, people who have lived in more than one country can have better problem-solving skills and display more creativity, especially if they are not cocooned from the locals.

Being an expat brings a lot of flexibility and adaptability since every country has a different lifestyle and set of values. For instance, the values found in France may be very different than in Singapore, or in Hong Kong. The ability to fall in line with the society and business cultures of different countries is seen as an important skill that makes a successful international employee.

Cultural experience and developing a “global mindset”

Working abroad allows individuals to experience different cultures. People will learn new things from locals every day, the time spent in a country will bring them a deep understanding about customs and habits of a country, how people think and behave, their set of values, etc. Such experiences not only help to get along well with local people but also enrich everyone’s knowledge of how the culture influences international business. That insight is very useful for entering a new market or planning global strategies. Not knowing the Asian culture while trying to close a new contract will be very risky and may lead to failure.

By working with people from a different country, it is essential to learn on how to accept and respect others, which make individuals more open-minded and receptive to other cultures. Also, after exploring new lands, watching new things, experience new things, people can see their own country through “new eyes”.

By deciding to find a job overseas, employees decide to stand out and to make their profile a unique one. In the case they decide to come back to their home country after a short mission abroad, they gathered extremely valuable experiences and skills. On the other hand, by staying for the long-term overseas they also developed a unique profile since they gathered previous experiences in their home country that they combined with your new experience.
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