About the recruiter

By one-stop market place, we save time & money for F&B business. We will revolutionize F&B industry purchasing & sourcing. We are currently hiring all position(sales/admin/HR/Accountant) to accelerate business. Please feel free to contact us at taku.tanaka@kamereo.vn. We think purchasing/sourcing in F&B business is inefficient...

- Restaurant and supplier have difficulty to reach out each other.
- Restaurant and supplier take so much time with risk of human error to order and receive order.
- Order / Payment data is not managed and tracked well. We provide one-stop market place with tool for data track & management as a solution.
- By one-stop marketplace, we connect restaurant and supplier instantly. - By well-designed order form, we reduce time and human error of order processing.
- By ordering through KAMEREO, restaurant/supplier can track and analyze order/payment data easily.

Company back ground
KAMEREO is established in February 2018 by founder who was Pizza 4P's ex-board member/ex-investment banker previously. We try to make purchasing & sourcing in F&B industry as efficient as possible by IT/E-Commerce so that F&B business owner can save money and time to focus on their customer and their product/service quality. We plan to focus on HCMC in 2018 and expand to Hanoi and overseas in 2019. We believe KAMEREO is good place to work for those who are young and with passion for F&B industry, purchasing & supply chain, start-up company and E-commerce company.

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