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The Company in Brief
Jobs 4 Everyone is an internationally oriented recruitment company. We work with the best and most demanding clients such as Mercedes, Kimberley Clark, Dutch Lady, Adidas, Dun & Bradstreet, DHL, across several industries. We not only recruit or headhunt for our clients; we advise them as well about topics such as retaining, incentives or team building. 

Why Jobs 4 Everyone?
1) We already serve 60+ clients successfully 
2) We build long-term professional relationships with our client, providing them information about the job market and how the client is perceived by the candidates.
3) Our network reaches to 35.000 professionals in HCMC and over 10.000 professionals in Hanoi.
4) We organize our own brand of networking events in cooperation with
5) We can subject our candidates to English tests, IQ tests, or personality tests.
6) We can subject your current staff for benchmarking purposes; identify the talent in your company, recognize the achievers
7) Knowhow: Three years actively recruiting in Vietnam; we separate the job hoppers from the job seekers
8) We are straight to the point
Our Unique Searching System
Our relational database is our key asset and is probably one of the fastest growing databases in recruitment in Vietnam. It has been set up to provide maximum relevant information. Jobs 4 Everyone is able to search candidates using a wide range of search criteria across time, location, industry, job title, companies and experience resulting in a group of qualified professionals 
Online Monitoring
We have enabled our recruitment process with a state of the art backend technology engine, so you can follow the hiring process online. This enables you to monitor, select and plan interviews with our selected candidates 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, from any position in the world.
"Itís all about connecting the right people at the right timeô"
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