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The internet is the gateway for many businesses to tap every opportunity for success. But not all businesses actually achieves this feat. One of the reasons of this problem is the lack of proper knowledge on how to effectively use available resources and make use of options when necessary. Interactive Media Services was established initially for the purpose of focusing a companyís marketing efforts into one segmented group. The viability of the business and the clamor of other small-medium businesses were primarily the main pivotal moments for the IMS to shift from a mere marketing department into a full blown online & lead generation independent company. The company has been doing business since 2013 and been serving several small-medium enterprises, their affiliates, or marketing counterparts with tailored services to effectively and efficiently achieve their marketing targets. We pride ourselves with gaining the trust of businesses that let us do several of the company tasks that has something to do with outreach, demographic profiling, customer service, and many others.

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