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Innova Market Insights is a world leading provider of knowledge solutions for the food and beverage industries. We serve our clients around the world with a full spectrum of solutions built around the professional needs of their individual roles. Market leadership With our tools, product developers design even more successful products, marketers address markets with confidence and retailers get fuller, brighter insights. Researchers can find what they need in one place, saving time and money while helping the whole organization move faster with greater confidence. Delivering client advantage Our story starts in 1994 when we began to address the unmet needs of food executives who needed more international market knowledge solutions so that they could forge better commercial relationships with their clients. We have always been dedicated to providing robust data sets with very strong in¨country observations and research. Extraordinary talent with focus Our two hundred full time colleagues and fourteen regional offices support a service culture of excellence, integrity and collaboration with our tailored solutions. Our professional service delivery enables our analysts to create superior advantages for our clients. We offer exciting professional opportunities for all our colleagues. Client experience Our long track record of customer partnerships is underpinned by our intense focus on client care and service. Long term client partnerships is the cornerstone of what we do. The right platforms and tailored insights underpin our record of customer satisfaction.

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