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The European Institute of Cooperation and Development (IECD) is a French non-governmental organization founded in 1988 and operating in the field of social and economic development in partnership with local institutions in the countries where it has been involved.

IECD bases its actions on a comprehensive approach to a person. We do this as we believe that well educated people, on an academic, technical, social and human level, will build not only a better community for themselves and their family, but also for their community and for society as a whole. IECD encourages the youth, parents, professionals and locally-based development actors to play a responsible and active civic role.
IECDís main sectors of action are vocational training and professional integration, assistance to micro and small enterprises and access to education and health for the most vulnerable. In Vietnam IECD runs 4 projects: Support to Small and Micro enterprises with a specific focus on street vendors, 2 Social Training Enterprises in Bakery and Pastry based in HCMC and Hue and a Vocational Training Program in Electricity and Automotive.

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