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About Headstart Group
Headstart Group Ltd. is one of Hong Kong’s leading English educational institutions. We provide support to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools as well as universities.

In addition to our teacher recruitment services, we design bespoke English curricula, provide in-class and after-school English support programmes and host extracurricular activities like drama clubs, fun days and camps.

For more information visit www.headstartgroup.co.

About Hong Kong
For a population of 7 million plus citizens, Hong Kong has close to 2,000 mainstream educational institutions not counting universities. ese kindergartens, primary and secondary schools are run by the government, charity groups, religious groups and private bodies. ey are governed by the education ordinances and under the supervision of the Education Bureau. Hong Kong provides free primary and secondary education to its citizens. Beginning 2018, the city will oer free pre-primary education as well.

  • Culture: East meets west, a famous food lover�s paradise, friendly residents, fast-paced urban lifestyle
  • Sports: Lots of options: Hiking (there are a lot of well-documented trails), running, cycling (a sport that has won HK many international trophies), rugby, water sports
  • Weather: Four seasons: Warm and humid spring, hot and wet summer, cool and breezy autumn, cool and dry winter

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