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BOKITTA is a one stop shop for practical, working, active modern Hijabis around the world. We are a family-owned business based in Beirut, Lebanon. BOKITTA comes from the word "Bouquet" meaning a collection of flowers, in our case, a collection of matching colorful outfits to form BOKITTA the bouquet lady. We invented VOILA! a patented product that is the Pin-Free Ready to Wear hassle-free Hijab! It is registered in The World Intellection Property Organization and locally in many countries. Our business fashion philosophy is to design, create and sell innovative and stylish conservative apparel and accessories using reasonable material quality at affordable selling prices and bringing it as quickly as possible to our customers world wide. Bokitta INVENTED the innovative Ready-To-Wear headscarf, and has a patent (PCT) published by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), providing protection from imitations for more than 144 countries. Stylish, Elegant, Classy, Innovative, Colorful, Vibrant, Fun ... That's who we are... We're setters of trend.. We are a new brand, for females...

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