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SOLS 24/7 is an award-winning humanitarian organization, committed to serve, educate and empower poor and underserved communities. Through various education and social empowerment programs, we work unconditionally towards transforming underserved communities to develop their true potential and break the cycle of poverty. Using revolutionary and custom-designed models – Science of Languages, Science of Technology and Science of Life – our organization provides free education and social empowerment programs to underserved communities in Malaysia. Trained over 325,000 students. Established over 100 training centres. Over 200 full-time team members from more than 50 countries have joined us.

SOLS 24/7 Foundation is a tax-exempted, not-for-profit organization, registered in Malaysia.

SOLS 24/7 Social Enterprises is registered as an Impact Driven Enterprise by the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC).

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