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Established in 1992, NuPMK Consulting provides an  Integrated & Comprehensive Human Resources & Organization  Management services with a strong belief that people is the key driver of  the organization performance.
NuPMK believes that the leadersí main responsibilities are to define the vision where the organisation is heading-off and to unleash the energy, creativity and talents  out of its individuals through the organization system  and structure as well as its values and culture.
In the sixteen years of its existence, NuPMK Consulting has assisted leaders and executives from various business corporations, government agencies and non profit organizations, helping them in developing their people and in reshaping  their organization system into a more effective and performance driven organization.
Being a local firm, born and growing up in Indonesia, NuPMK Consulting has a deep insight of the local context and situation. Combining it with the accumulated practical knowledge and know-how brought by our consultant gained throughout their professional career in various leading global organizations, NuPMK  Consulting is able to bring a leading management thinking into the client situation and transforming it into a practical program as a practical solution to the client issues.

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