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Founded in 1956, Maximís Group is a leading Food & Beverage company comprising of Chinese, Asian and European restaurants, quick service restaurants, bakery shops and institutional catering, while providing a range of festive products, including the award-winning Maximís Mooncakes.  The Group is also the licensee of renowned brands including Starbucks Coffee (Hong Kong, Macau & Vietnam), and Genki Sushi and Ippudo ramen (Hong Kong & China). Altogether the Group operates over 840 outlets in Hong Kong, China and Vietnam. It also established the first Sino-Foreign joint venture in China in 1980 and now delivers air catering service in 11 cities through joint ventures.
Cantonese Cuisine
In 1971, Maximís Group introduced a brand new management concept Ė ďChinese Food, Western ServiceĒ Ė in its first Chinese restaurant, Jade Garden. Thereafter, the Group opened Cantonese restaurants with now renowned names such as Maximís Palace and Serenade Chinese Restaurant making the Group the perfect choice for celebratory dinners for all occasions. Jade Garden landed in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen
Other new restaurant concepts include Jasmine, House of Jasmine, Xi Yue, Jasmine Garden and Jasmine Garden, injecting healthy elements to Chinese cuisine. All Cantonese restaurants of Maximís Chinese Cuisine now have a no-added MSG menu.  
Chiuchow Cuisine
The first Chiuchow Garden Restaurant was established in 1981, providing high quality Chiuchow style cuisine in a refined atmosphere. Since 2007, the newly established Chiuchow Garden provides an exquisite dining ambience with a modern interpretation of Chiuchow cuisine.
Provincial Cuisine
After the successful launch of its Cantonese restaurants, the Group introduced Peking Garden restaurants. Over the past few years, the Group has made other breakthroughs by creating new menus and adopting sleek, eastern and western inspired dťcors in some new establishments, like Festive China, Shanghai Garden, House of Beijing, Sichuan Garden, Hunan Garden, M&C DUCK and Shanghai Jade.  
m.a.x. concepts
Maximís Groupís first western restaurant, Maximís Restaurant, was opened in 1956, and aimed at introducing western fine dining to Hong Kong. Western delicacies, splendid dťcor and live band music soon made the restaurant hugely popular among celebrities and business persons.
m.a.x. concepts, a restaurant line of the Group, has been diversifying its portfolio of characteristic restaurants since 1998. m.a.x. concepts believes a perfect dining experience comprises great food, pleasant ambience and attentive service; and they are indeed the fundamental of every m.a.x. concepts restaurant. It strives to deliver distinctive cuisines with innovative ideas - Western, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and international cuisine. In 2000, Thai Basil was awarded by Condť Nast Traveler as one of the 60 best new restaurants around the world. In 2006, the Group has also brought internationally renowned steak house Lawryís the Prime Rib to Hong Kong.
In 2007, simplylife BAKERY CAF… was opened, housing European hand-made bread and various healthy and organic choices. The first simplylife BAKERY CAF… outlet was opened in Shenzhen, China in late 2010 in the name of ďXingmeileĒ (???) and continues to delight customers with a European flare. Currently, there are a total of four ďXingmeileĒ (???) outlets in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.
Quick Service Restaurants and Catering Services
From the opening of the first fast food restaurant in 1972, Maximís Group has been committed to maintaining high food quality and keeping abreast of the times. Maximís MX, established in 2005, aims at bringing to customers a new menu, interior and dining environment in the fast food industry. To date, Maximís MX has around 70 outlets in Hong Kong, together with other quick service brands including can.teen, Maximís Food2 and Hong Kong Day. In 2011, Hong Kong Day landed in Shenzhen.
From stringent hygiene practice to sophisticated food processing and quality control policies, Maximís Group has them all. The Group has been widely recognized as a professional supplier of catering services and has witnessed the opening of Tsing Ma Bridge and Hong Kong International Airport and many other unforgettable moments. In 2005, the Hospital Authority appointed the Group to carry out a Public-Private Partnership Project on Patientsí Food Services, which enables the Group to provide food services to in-patients of the New Territories West Cluster and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Starting from the same year, the Group has been operating Plaza Inn and Market House Bakery in the Hong Kong Disneyland.
As one of the largest quality catering groups, Maximís Group is committed to promoting the unique culinary culture of Hong Kong. The Group was honored to participate in the Shanghai World Expo, an international spotlight, with a massive food hall in Zone C spanning 20,000 sq. feet. It provided a wide array of Hong Kong, Asian and Western cuisines. Maximís Group was also the only Hong Kong catering representative in the Chinese Culinary Zone, showcasing local delicacies.
Cakes & Bakery
Maximís Cakes has since evolved from a cake corner in the 1960ís into the largest bakery chain with over 170 stores along MTR stations and Airport Express. Maximís Cakes offer fresh and innovative bakery products and strive to provide the best quality products and service to customers. In 2005, the Group established its bakery plant and flagship outlets in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, bringing the finest bakery products to South China region and to date, it has more than 100 outlets in Mainland China.
In 2008, Maximís Group acquired Arome Bakery (HK) Company Limited and started to operate over 60 Arome Bakery shops in Hong Kong. The Group continues to develop the premium Japanese cakes and bakery market and launched the new concept store arome bakery room in 2010.
Maximís Group introduced Starbucks to Hong Kong in May 2000, with the first store launched at Exchange Square in Central. For the past decade, by transforming the stores into an inviting Third Place outside of home and work, Starbucks Hong Kong has encouraged more people to share a unique Starbucks Experience. To date, there are more than 130 stores throughout Hong Kongís and Macauís commercial, shopping & entertainment, and residential areas.  In June 2011, Maximís Group acquired the entire equity stake in the Hong Kong and Macau markets, assuming 100 percent equity of these markets and continuing to serve customers in Hong Kong and Macau by elevating the Starbucks Experience.
Japanese Chain Restaurants
In 2006, the Group acquired Genki Sushi and sen-ryo and became its franchisee in Hong Kong. Genki Sushi and sen-ryo are famous Japanese conveyor-belt sushi restaurant chains offering a quality, fast and fun dining experience. In 2008, Genki Sushi Hong Kong Limited gained the operating rights of Genki Sushi in Southern China. In June 2010, Genki opened its first store in Shenzhen and set foot in Shanghai in October 2013, aims to introduce Japanese dining culture to different parts of China. Sen-ryo also landed in Shanghai in August 2013 and will soon open the second store at Jing An Kerry Centre.
In 2010, the Group founded a new Japanese rice bowl concept called DONDONYA, serving Japanese donburi that uses top quality Akitakomachi rice along with other premium ingredients, and later extended the concept and opened DONDONYA Shokudo.
Branded Products
Maximís Group also offers a range of festive products, spanning from Chinese New Year Puddings, Rice Dumplings to Chinese Preserved Meat. The signature mooncakes evolve from two flavours, white lotus seed paste and yellow lotus seed paste, to currently a series of products including low-sugar, snowy and cartoon mooncakes.
Maximís Mooncakes is also the first local brand being granted the ďHK Q-Mark AwardĒ by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and is accredited with the HACCP Certificate and ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 certificates. According to the Nielsen Research Report, Maximís Mooncakes has been the number one mooncake seller* in Hong Kong for 15 consecutive years since 1998. 
(Updated in May 2014)
ďMaximísĒ and any name, logo or trademark of Maximís restaurants referred to in the above text belong to Maximís Caterers Limited, a company operating in Hong Kong.
*Source: Nielsen Hong Kong Mooncake Research Report 2013

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