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JobPoint establish on July 2002 With a team of experienced staff we are dedicated to providing independent, expert advice on individual and corporate HR solutions and high level levels of customer care to all clients. Looking after many thousands of individuals we have the experience and knowledge to provide a cost effective solution to your HR needs. We at JobPoint believe in providing the best services to our valuable customers. Our ceaseless efforts in delivering quality worldwide services have made us a reputed name.

JobPoint is one of the Malaysia leading recruitment agencies, and has specialized in the recruitment of quality staff. JobPoint prides itself on delivering a high quality, personalized service through its national network of branches. Our vast experience has helped us in gaining profound knowledge about this field. We strive to be the benchmark in providing quality employment opportunities.

Our team has been together for over 11 years, working in partnership with a diverse range of organizations, from owner-manager businesses through to multi-nationals. The nameless experience is sligahtly different for each of our clients but there are some common features. We will:

  • Keep you briefed about what you need to know in order to make the right decision.
  • Give you the solution that is right for your organization, not the one that is easiest to sell Keep you informed on how things are going so you can quantify the return on your investment.
  • Provide you with new ideas to keep you ahead of your competition Hit your deadlines because we know that time is money And most importantly, we will make you look good, to the outside world and to your organization

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