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Seekers Malaysia is a platform targeted for job seekers and freelance recruiters. With Seekers Malaysia, you are able to search for job, view job descriptions, and apply job by submitting their resume on Seekers.com.my. Seekers Malaysia is also created for freelance recruiters. Seeker’s freelance recruiters will get paid whenever their friend they refer joins the hiring company. Seekers is a place for jobs like engineering, admin, human resource, IT Jobs, sales and marketing, Japanese speaking job and Hotel & Restaurant Jobs. If you are a hiring company looking for recruitment services, Seekers Malaysia is qualified and has the years of experience in recruitment. Feel free to contact us here or visit www.seekers.com.my to find out more. If you are a freelance recruiter looking for extra passive income, Seekers Malaysia let’s you earn passive income whenever the friend you refer to Seekers gets the job and join the hiring company. Register as Seekers Freelance Recruiter and start earning passive income. If you are a job seeker, Seekers Malaysia not only let you search and view job descriptions, you can also submit your resume directly online. Get Started and Visit www.seekers.com.my if you wish to know more about the various jobs vacancies available. List of Engineering Jobs in Malaysia. http://www.seekers.com.my/job-vacancy/engineering-malaysia List of IT Jobs in Malaysia http://www.seekers.com.my/job-vacancy/it-malaysia List of Japanese Speaking Jobs in Malaysia http://www.seekers.com.my/job-vacancy/japanese-speaking-malaysia List of Hotel and Restaurant Jobs in Malaysia http://www.seekers.com.my/job-vacancy/hotel-restaurant-malaysia List of Accounting & Finance Jobs in Malaysia http://www.seekers.com.my/job-vacancy/accounting-malaysia List of Sales and Marketing Jobs in Malaysia http://www.seekers.com.my/job-vacancy/sales-marketing-malaysia On 25th July 2017, The launched of Malaysian Freelance Recruiters Learning Center. http://www.seekers.com.my/blog

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