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About Continuous Technologies
Established in 1989 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Continuous Technologies International Ltd. has a network of offices to serve clients in Hong Kong, China and neighboring countries.
Continuous Technologies is dedicated to building creative solutions for enterprises and government organizations to seamlessly connect and service customer requests, while reducing costs and implementation risks.
Our focus is in the employing of cutting edge information and communications technologies to improve client front-line business processes. This is achieved by staying abreast of technology trends and couple with continuous effort to transform such technologies to becoming innovative enterprise-grade applications. All these are engineered to solve distinct business problems. We fully understand that our products and services must benefit client businesses and accelerate the return on investment in order to remain successful in our market space. Our standard practice is to analyze client business needs and operation profile prior to formulating appropriate technology solutions.
Enabling Service Excellence
With over 20 years experience in the industry, we have a team of subject experts and proven track record of success. We have sustained market leadership position by repeatedly breaking new ground in the business applications of latest yet adequate communications technologies. We have excelled and our success continued well owing to our technology implementation philosophy.
Continuous Technologies have been recognized as a pioneer who constantly introduces innovative communications solutions to the region. Such have included interactive voice response system, radio paging system, WAP banking system, software-based all-in-one contact center system and mobile workforce system. All of which have eventually proliferated to general market adoptions. Continuous Technologies have accomplished much success in the past and will continue to strive to meet market demand for innovative yet practical communications solutions.
Business Partners
Continuous Technologies recognize the importance of the enduring need to forge stable partnerships with leading technology suppliers. Together with our knowledge and efforts, this facilitates us to readily build business application solutions that make best use of partner technologies. The combined strength has significantly shortened our solution time-to-market and allows us to consistently add value to our clients.

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