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In Brief Beeketing is a marketing platform that helps online sellers create marketing campaigns effectively and easily through automation, enables them to sell like Amazon. Recently, it is easy for online sellers to build a website and get visitors by advertisements. However, even after acquiring visitors, it is very hard to convert them into customers still. Beeketing gives online sellers the POWER to sell effectively like Amazon: Beeketing tracks and analyzes customer behaviors on websites to find out customers’ personal interest; study sales history to determine what products and categories are frequently matched together. Then from the tracked data, we will automatically run sales campaigns for online sellers such as “Sales Nurturing” When noticed a visitor interested in a product but not buying, we will send warm-up, reminder emails on brand founder’s behalf to make visitors come back and actually buy. Or cross-sell, up-sell: By analysing sales history, we automatically send better sales emails to buyers introducing products that match their personal interest to make them buy more. We also help online sellers customize their website listings to show products that catch customers’ attention the most, which eventually lifts conversion rate. We connect Beeketing deeply to popular online store platforms such as Shopify, Magento... to collect data and track customer behaviours through their API. Hence, our customers can start using Beeeking right after one-click install, without requiring a developer and a data analysist. This is the next gen marketing automation platform which is smarter and more automated that can help sellers reduce effort on collecting and reading data. By using data-mining, we know what their customers want, what they need, and help sellers promote the right products to the right customers at the right time. Beeketing will be their own dedicated marketer and salesman.

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