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  • CountryVietnam
  • IndustryBusiness Services / Consulting

About the recruiter

ADEN Services assists clients with achieving greater efficiency in their core business by providing essential support services:

  • Facility maintenance
    Rely on properly maintained facilities at all times.
  • Energy Services 
    Benefit from the synergy created by combining unique technical expertise from ALTEREA and strong service network from ADEN Services to To Build a sustainable energy plan to improve the environment and the bottom line.
  • Security & risk management
    Protect your work, production, and client environment.
  • Cleaning & facilities support services
    Base the comfort of your personnel and visitors on international standards of hygiene.
  • Foodservice & well-being
    Combine variety and quality within budget to fill the needs of your organization.
  • HR Management solutions
    International knowledge and standards to help you plan, prevent and protect your daily operations
  • Remote Site Management
    Rely on us to take care of your people and logistics in remote environments.

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