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General Manager

Comworks - Expires on May 30, 2015
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  • Philippines
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  • 10+ years
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Senior / Executive Management
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Job Description

Take a lead role in the formulation and implementation of strategies and plans:
  • Contribute and actively participate in the development of strategic and operational plans and goals of the Company;
  • Support the overall process of management and corporate decision-making to ensure the organisation maximises its short, medium and long-term profitability and returns to its shareholders
  • Develop, review, and seek approval on business development plans and strategies; roll out the same to all direct reports and monitor implementation;
  • Present a yearly budget for the Presidentís approval and prudently manage resources within those budget guidelines according to company policy and within ethical corporate governance guidelines;
  • Provide periodic feedback to the management and BOD on organizational performance and align them with the business thrust;
WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF ensuring the achievement of strategic and operational objectives within the approved financial parameters.
Provide strong support to the President in business development initiatives:?
  • Recommend strategies for generating resources and/or revenues for the company
  • Review, validate and approve sales plan and ensure that these are aligned with strategic objectives;
  • Take an active lead in fostering productive business relationship with customers and trade partners;
  • Provide leadership to and support sales and marketing efforts of the Company aimed at increasing customer base and sales revenue;
WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF ensuring financial viability of the Company.
Monitor and continuously improve organizational efficiency:
  • Oversee day-to-day operation of the Company, check on stress points, and address operational issues as may be dictated by standard operating procedures and the strategic direction of the President;
  • Assure optimum performance and organizational stability through development and implementation of standards and controls, systems and procedures, and regular evaluation.
  • Periodically review and regulate business processes; lead initiatives toward enhancement of business processes;
WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF aligning organizational performance with the Company's business thrust.
Resource Management
  • Oversee and manage Company resources including but not limited to:Promote a work environment that engages high performing staff and managers; leverage on their individual strengths and support their developmental plans;
  • Human
  • Fiscal
  • Technological
  • Maximize the use of technological systems that are meant to streamline processes and strengthen administrative controls;
  • Leadand ensure compliance of all members of the organization to systems policies and procedures;
WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF ensuring maximum utilization of the different resources of the Company within the bounds of approved and relevant policies and procedures 
Lead and direct marketing and promotional activities of the Company:
  • Provide strategic and tactical direction to Sales and Marketing Communication Departments in regards to various advertising and promtional activities of the Company including media blitz and saturation drives;
  • Stay abreast of market and industry trends and utilize information in creating a sound and viable sales and marketing plan;
  • Collaborate with the Sales Department and address their marketing and public relations needs;
  • Monitor implementation of activities as well as expenses, determine ROI of events and make necessary reports to the President for informed decision making in the future;
  • Review and approve marketing collaterals;
WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF effectively promoting the products and services of the Company.
Maintain sound and ethical relationship with customers and clients
  • Establish, nurture, and manage relationships with significant stakeholders of the Company including but not limited to partners, clients and principals within the dictates of moral and business ethics;
  • Prepare and present proposals to prospective clients, partners and principals;
  • Handle client/principal/partner issues and complaints, take appropriate and prompt action, coordinate with respective departments and ensure expeditious resolution;
WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF influencing business results.
Monitor and manage performance of direct reports:
  • Participate in the recruitment, hiring and selection process; make hiring decisions for direct reports;
  • Motivate, coach, counsel and assist in defining and setting performance standards;
  • Conduct performance evaluation, and recommend appropriate intervention;
  • Assist in imposing employee discipline when necessary;
WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF ensuring full manpower complement as well as aligning employee performance with the overall objectives and targets of the organization. 
Manage Company records and data:
  • Maintain systematic filing system of all office memoranda, correspondences, reports, and records
  • Upload, review, and validate entries in the management information system and ensure compliance to the established data entry standards
WITH THE OBJECTIVES OF facilitating retrieval as well as ensuring accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality of information.
Maintain a customer-centric attitude:
  • Recommend strategies to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Interact with customers and provide accurate and timely response to customers' queries
  • Handle complaints, take appropriate and prompt action, coordinate with respective departments and check the status of their complaint
WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF exceeding customer expecations at all times.

Job Requirements

  • Must be a graduate of Business Management or related degree
  • At least ten (10) years in general management capacity
  • Work is generally carried out using the computer hence literacy and working knowledge of basic office applications is necessary.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills. The incumbent is usually engaged in high-level management discussion and mostly dealing with leaders and high performing members hence the incumbent must be able to grasp and articulate complex ideas. Business is also generated thru BOMs hence he/she must be well adept in business parlance and a charismatic and persuasive public speaker.
  • Business Acumen. The scope of responsibility of the position requires a strong grasp of the business and the industry that the Company belongs to including ethical practices, standard procedure and work practices that guarantee positive results, and a collegiate relationship with industry leaders.
  • Accountability. The incumbent must have a strong sense of accountability as he/she makes independent and strategic decisions at all times. These decisions may impact the several layers of the organization including revenue, profitability, membership, major areas of or the entire organization welfare of select employees or the entire workforce hence he/she should be mature enough to own up the decisions that they make, whether or not the results are positive. Likewise the information that he/she provides to management.
  • Strategic Planning. The incumbent leads in the creation of formulating long-term, midterm, and short-term plans of the Company including budget planning and business review. The incumbent must also be a visionary in order to bring the Company to the next level.
  • Leadership. The incumbent supervises and manages the performance of mid-level. managers hence he/she must be able to earn their respect in order for them to respond positively to his/her direction. The position calls for charismatic leadership in order to champion the mission and vision of the organization and to provide strategic direction to each member of the organization. Weak leadership may also disengage high performing employees which could greatly impact bench strength.

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Comworks Inc.  today stands among the leading distributors of mobile handsets, satellite products and wireless solutions in the Philippines. It is presently known as one of the leading ...

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